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THURSDAY, November 30, 2023

The Mall pumps Bt130m into ‘Summer XL Playland’ campaign

The Mall pumps Bt130m into ‘Summer XL Playland’ campaign
TUESDAY, March 20, 2018

The Mall Shopping Centre is on fire this summer with an investment of more than Bt130 million to bring “The Mall Shopping Centre Summer XL Playland” campaign to 4.0 millennial customers at its stores.

The company is going all out with the extra-large fun in the grandest Songkran festival celebration of the year, offering promotions worth over Bt15 million. 
Its shopping centres will be offering discounts up to 80 per cent, which aims to increase traffic into the retail stores by 10 per cent.
Voralak Tulaphorn, chief marketing officer The Mall Shopping Centre, said on Monday: “The overall picture of the economy in the beginning of this year signals a continuous bright year ahead. The growth of the retail index is at 3.8 to 4 per cent. This is also enhanced by the government policies that support domestic investments and exports. 
“Summer is an important season for the retail business, and this year’s potential growth looks promising, especially the customers in the family sector and kids on school holidays, who have developed an outdoor lifestyle that encourages quality time with the whole family. There is also a great opportunity with the increase in tourists who are travelling to Thailand.” “In the marketing strategy for this summer, The Mall Shopping Centre emphasises its retail marketing through the ‘Digital Marketing Platform’ strategy. This is a solution to the needs and lifestyle of 4.0 customers, who are keen on fast and convenient platforms in reaching products and services, at any place, at any time,” she added.