Mountain run-off washes away temporary bridge in Krabi national park

TUESDAY, JUNE 19, 2018

Mountain run-off on Tuesday washed away a temporary bridge in Krabi’s Mueang district.

The permanent bridge at the location had been destroyed by run-off last year.
Paphawin Yunnglung, chief of Khao Panom Benja National Park, said the mountain run-off had hit the bridge – connecting the entrance to Huay To Waterfall and his park office – early in the day.
After waters subsided at around 9am, officials used wooden planks to reconnect the crossing temporarily to allow people and motorcycles to pass, the park official said.
Cars and pickups, meanwhile, had to cross the waterway by driving through the shallow spot of the canal instead.
The temporary bridge had been built pending reconstruction of the permanent bridge that was washed away in a similar incident last year.