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THURSDAY, December 08, 2022
DNA tests reveal Phuket’s Yanui is a …

DNA tests reveal Phuket’s Yanui is a …

TUESDAY, September 18, 2018

The DNA tests are in and reveal that Yanui is a saltwater crocodile.

DNA tests reveal Phuket’s Yanui is a …

Phuket Fisheries Office chief Kowot Kaoeian said on Tuesday: “Yanui is a saltwater crocodile [Crocodylus porosus].”
“The crocodile has been reacting well to treatment. No microchip was found on the crocodile. Scratches were found on its tail, legs and mouth. One tooth was missing.

DNA tests reveal Phuket’s Yanui is a …
“A microchip has been inserted into the crocodile. The body condition score is 3 out of 5. Vitamins have been given to the crocodile. No infections were found,” Kowot added.
Phuket’s much-travelled croc was finally caught on July 29 at Layan Beach following a swimming tourney (with a few stops on the way) from Yanui Beach, in the far south of the island, to Layan Beach off Laguna.
The “Yanui” crocodile (named by local Phuket reporters after the original beach at which it was sighted) was caught at Layan Beach after more than 10 days of search operations, sightings, drone photos and a team of ‘crocodile whisperers’ from Surat Thani.