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THURSDAY, September 29, 2022
Taxi operators want new rates to apply to all cabs

Taxi operators want new rates to apply to all cabs

TUESDAY, November 06, 2018
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Taxi companies are urging the Land Transport Department to apply a new fare to all cabs, and not just members of the TAXI OK programme.

According to the department’s deputy director-general, Kamol Buranapong, a meeting was recently held between the agency and taxi companies, which are facing rising operating costs.
The department proposed that either a Bt3 per minute rate be applied, should the vehicle move at a speed of no more than 6 kilometres an hour, or Bt1.50 per minute for all distances and speeds. 
The starting fare of Bt35 would remain the same.
It will be decided later which of these options is more practical. 
The department wants 12,000 TAXI OK vehicles to be the first group of cabs to use the new rate.
The secretary-general of the Association of Public Taxi Drivers, Arporn Nopsophon, said that while she was pleased with the proposal, it would only be fair if such rates applied to all types of taxi, adding that passengers would avoid paying more and take taxis that still charged the old rate.