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Khon Kaen hospital detects 10 cases of pregnant women abusing meth in three months

A doctor at a Khon Kaen hospital says 10 pregnant women have been detected over three months abusing methamphetamine out of a misunderstanding that the drug would help them deliver more easily.

The doctor posted on his Facebook wall on Monday that he detected the 10th case of a delivery mother using meth in three months.
He said the mother thought using the drug would make the birthing easier.
But her child was found to weigh only 2,390 grams, much lighter than the standard weight of 3,000 grams.
Some mothers argued that they had used the drug during all of their pregnancies and their children were still born healthy, the doctor added.
The doctor said he would like government agencies to launch awareness campaigns to warn mothers of the danger from abusing meth during pregnancy.

Published : December 18, 2018

By : The Nation