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FRIDAY, June 09, 2023
87% of Thais more likely to vote for environmentally friendly party: poll

87% of Thais more likely to vote for environmentally friendly party: poll

THURSDAY, March 21, 2019

“Environmental” concerns among Thais was rated on top of the list of major concerns about the country, more than any other concern, including rising prices, corruption, congestion, crime and the economy, according to a Marketbuzzz poll.

Marketbuzzz poll interviewed 1,000 people via phone this month.
Bangkok residents said they were most concerned about congestion and air pollution. 
Less than half of those interviewed were actively changing their behaviour to help the environment and only half of those interviewed are trying to reduce their energy consumption at home and one third are recycling their waste.
Thais also said it is up to the government as well as the people to address air pollution. 
Around 87 per cent said they are more likely to vote for a government which has a tangible plan to tackle the environmental issues.
Marketbuzzz CEO Grant Bertoli said: “No doubt the recent air pollution levels have had an impact on the importance of the environmental issues but awareness and information alone won’t change behaviour. There is no denying that Thais want more done to address the environmental concerns and the onus is on the people and the government to take more responsibility in making sure the environment is looked after before it’s too late”
Bertoli added “We can’t turn away from the environmental issues the country is facing and the study certainly identified them as a priority, but it will take a concerted and collective plan and policy to truly help Thais influence their changes in behaviour. Will the government take a lead on it?”