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Dolphins seen playing near Similans

Several dolphins have been spotted near the Koh Similans in the Andaman Sea.



Dolphins seen playing near Similans

The Wow Andanman tour manager said: “The tour was on a speedboat with tourists on Tuesday morning near Koh Similans.

They say they sighted lots of dolphins which were playing around the boat.

Dolphins seen playing near Similans
"The dolphins were heading to the north to Koh Tachai and Mu Koh Surin. This was the third time this month that we have sighted these wonderful marine creatures. Last time we saw a false killer whale and Bryde’s whale."
About 10 killer whales have been spotted near Koh Similans off the Khao Lak coast this month.


Published : April 17, 2019

By : The Thaiger