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Villagers in Khon Kaen falling for so-called healing plastic card

KHON KAEN Provincial Public Health official Peera Areerat has warned people against buying a so-called “plastic healing card” as it has no miraculous healing powers or the ability to soothe aches.

This so-called healing card has proved to be a big hit in Ubol Rattana district’s Ban Saladin, with people willing to pay Bt1,100 to Bt1,500 in exchange for the promise of pain relief. 
Tawee Peer-in, who has been selling these pieces of plastic, swears by their effectiveness. Users are instructed to either tap the card on the painful area or place a glass of water on the card, count to 10 before drinking the water, or to drink the water after dipping the card in it.

Villagers in Khon Kaen falling for so-called healing plastic card

Tawee said this piece of plastic had helped ease his back pain, so he decided to register as a “member” and sell the card himself. However, he declined to provide more details on how the card is marketed. 
Customer Thongsri Wongchaiwat, 66, said she bought the card after doctors failed to cure her backache and remove water from her ear, adding that her condition has improved by 50 per cent since she placed the card on her back. However, she admits that she is still taking the medication prescribed for her condition by the hospital. 
The card has become so popular, that some people from neighbouring villages called on the authorities to check the so-called miraculous healing powers of the plastic and hunt down those involved in the business. 
After learning that villagers are spending good money on these cards, Peera took some for examination and found that this product was not legally registered. 
Initial investigation also revealed that the selling process was like a Ponzi scheme, as the sellers persuade people to register as members and get them to convince others to sign up. 
Peera has called on the authorities to further scrutinise this business. 

Published : June 12, 2019