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Floods cause three Phichit schools to close

Three schools in Phichit’s Muang district were closed on Thursday after tributary rivers burst their banks to inundate the schools and nearby communities.

Phichit’s Education Zone 1 Office ordered the Sak Lek Kindergarten School, Ban Tham Khanong School and Ban Sai Khamho School to cancel classes until the situation improves.
Following days of heavy rains, runoff from the Phetchabun and Wang Thong mountain caused tributary rivers downstream to burst their banks in Sai Phun and Muang districts of Phichit on Wednesday evening.
Among the three closed schools, the Ban Sai Khamho School was the hardest hit. The overflowing river flooded its football field and ground floor classrooms, along with kitchen, canteen and toilet rooms. The water was about 50 centimetres high.
Officials said thousands of rai of farmland in Tambon Sai Khamho were also flooded.

Published : September 05, 2019

By : The Nation