SUNDAY, April 21, 2024

Bangkok unlocks 17 places in phase 3 from Monday

Bangkok unlocks 17 places in phase 3 from Monday

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration on Sunday (May 31) revealed the activities and locations that are allowed to reopen in the Thai capital from June 1 in the third phase of the easing of Covid-19 lockdown measures.
Pongsakorn Kwanmuang, BMA spokesperson, said the following businesses and actvities could reopen with appropriate virus prevention measures:

1 In restaurants, including grill house and shabu places, people can dine together but they must be spaced a metre apart at each table without partition.
2 Department stores and  community malls can remain open until 9pm, with Bangkok having discussions with management operators to have the staff return home in time before curfew starts at 11pm.
3 Barber shops can colour hair but it must be done within two hours and allow air flow. Users and service providers must wear masks.
4 Beauty salons and clinics, tattoo shops, and piercing shops can provide services for no more than two hours. Service providers must wear face shields and masks while customer registration is also required before providing the service
5 Fitness centres, both inside and outside malls, can open all activities. All users should be spaced two metres away and use the facilities for no more than two hours. No steam bath or sauna is allowed.
6 Use of educational institution buildings is permitted to prepare for teaching but schools cannot start yet. As for private schools, vocational schools, the school of professional training in arts and sports can operate in certain types as designated by the Ministry of Education.
7 Exhibition centres and convention halls, no more than 20,000 square metres in area, are allowed to remain open until 9pm limited to 5,000 people according to the area of ​​four square metres per person and each spaced one metre away.
8 Buddha amulet shops can open, but group activities are prohibited. Auctions that could bring people together are prohibited.
9 Daycare centre can open for preparation but they are not allowed to be operational yet.
10 Massage parlours and spas can operate except for facial massage, body steam and many other herbs steaming spas. Service is limited to two hours per person. Users and service providers must wear masks.
11 Boxing camps are open only for practice such as  punching bag, but sparring with partners is not allowed.
12 Stadiums can open but there must be no competition. Activities are limited to a maximum of 10 people in a team with a minimum distance of one metre between team members.
13 Bowling, roller skating, and ice hockey activities are allowed, but competition is prohibited.
14 In dance institutes and ballrooms, a person must not use more than 5 square metres per person
15 Water sports venues can be opened for jetskiing or banana boats.
16 Theatres are open to a maximum audience of 200 people. Concerts or group activities are prohibited.
17 Zoos or animal exhibits must comply with state measures.

Operators must ask everyone to register when accessing the various locations through the "ThaiChana" application or take customers’name, number, and time of service to register in the ThaiChana platform manually.
If any operator does not comply with the measures, user can notify via the app. Bangkok officials will also arrange staff to randomly inspect all the shops.