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Activist slams Thai judiciary for refusing bail for pro-democracy fighters, yet letting ‘Sia Po’ out

In a Facebook post, activist Nuttaa Mahattana questioned the court’s decision to grant bail to popular “gambler” Apirak “Sia Po” Chat-arnon, who was arrested for shooting and seriously injuring two people in a Bangkok massage parlour on Wednesday.

Yet, she said, no bail is even being considered for peaceful pro-democracy fighters like human-rights lawyer Arnon Nampa, and student activists Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak and Panusaya “Rung” Sithijirawattanakul.

Previously, Thai netizens also questioned Thailand’s judiciary, when the Constitutional Court decided to only suspend opposition Move Forward MP Thanwarin Sukkhapisit over allegations of being involved in media business, yet let all suspects from the ruling parties go scot free.

Apirak, who was arrested on Thursday over charges of attempted murder and possession of a gun without permission, has been granted temporary release on a Bt350,000 guarantee.

The court apparently went against investigators’ recommendations and decided to let him go just because he had surrendered to police.

Meanwhile, one of the victims said a very rich person had offered them money to drop charges, but they refused because they were almost killed.

The victims are also calling on witnesses to release evidence as Apirak’s friendship with this very rich person may affect the investigation.

Published : October 30, 2020

By : The Nation