Sites visited by Covid patient in Phichit disinfected


Locations in Phichit province that were visited by one of the Thai women who sneaked into the country have been disinfected, as has the venue where a Chinese opera festival will be organised.

On Thursday, vehicles normally used to spray pesticide in farms were being driven around the province spraying hydrogen peroxide for sanitising purposes.

The chemical was sprayed in all schools and three public venues that the Covid-19 patient had allegedly visited, including Bird Bar and Crocodile Rock Pub in Muang district.

The chemical was also sprayed at the venue where an annual event will be held.

A 25-year-old Phichit native, who had been at the 1G1 Hotel in Tachilek across the border between November 17 and 27, sneaked back into Thailand via Chiang Rai’s Mae Sai district on November 28. She then took a flight to Bangkok and another to Phitsanulok before travelling home to Phichit.