Mon, December 06, 2021


Stretched rescue staff toil day in day out as Covid fatalities increase

Rescue staff attired in vital PPE suits are going to the limits after Covid-19 infections and fatalities have increased alarmingly in Thailand, especially among the unfortunate homeless, at least four of whom so far have already died on the streets, according to the latest reports.

In one case, an anonymous man passed away on a Bangkok street on Tuesday. His body stayed on the street for many hours as there were not enough personnel to come and collect it.
People have voiced panic and distress at the occurrence and expect cases like this to increase.
Rescue staff responsible for the area said later that both personnel and equipment to deal with cases related to Covid-19 were limited. The staff are presently working hard day after tiring day without a break.
People are requesting related organisations to increase their staffing numbers and equipment in order to handle an expected rise in such fatalities.

Published : July 21, 2021

By : The Nation