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WEDNESDAY, September 28, 2022
Soldiers on frontline deserve Pfizer shots too, angry netizens told

Soldiers on frontline deserve Pfizer shots too, angry netizens told

MONDAY, August 09, 2021

The picture of a soldier getting a Pfizer shot in Loei province went viral on Sunday, with netizens asking why the much-needed vaccine is being administered to troops instead of frontline medics.

The sergeant posted a picture of himself holding a queue card at Loei Hospital on Sunday with the caption: “Dear ‘Moderna’, I can’t wait for you anymore. Today I will be cuddling with ‘Pfizer’ instead.”

The post with the hashtag “#WhereHasPfizerGone?” went viral immediately with netizens questioning the need to give soldiers a Pfizer jab instead of to frontline medics or Loei residents.

On Monday, “sleepless” celebrity medic Mor Lab Panda posted on Facebook that he had spoken to Loei public health chief Preeda Woraharn and learned the soldier is working on the frontline.

“He is stationed at Khai Sri Song Rak Hospital. The Loei public health authorities are administering Pfizer jabs to its personnel and this soldier is a medic. More soldiers will be vaccinated as they are frontline staff working with Covid-19 patients at the 400-bed field hospital set up in the barracks. These soldiers are categorised as a high-risk group even though they are not medical staff,” the post read.