Tue, September 28, 2021


CCSA to speed up jabs for expecting mothers

With Thailand’s Covid-19 cases soaring daily, the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) announced on Wednesday that it will focus on vaccinating women who are at least 12 weeks into their pregnancy.



CCSA spokesperson Dr Apisamai Srirangsan said at least one or two mothers succumb to the virus daily. Thailand recorded 297 deaths on Wednesday, one of whom was a mother-to-be, she said.

So far, only 27,519 or 5.5 per cent of the 500,000 expecting women have received their first shot, and only 0.4 per cent or 2,078 have received their second shot.

Apisamai said women carrying a child are 2.5 times more at risk because breathing is already difficult with an enlarged womb, and it worsens with the virus.

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists has written to its provincial offices to ensure all women who are at least 12 weeks into their pregnancy are vaccinated as soon as possible.

Apisamai said getting a jab at this stage is safe and can provide immunity to both the mother and unborn child.

Thailand’s total caseload hit 1,102,368 on Wednesday with 18,417 new cases and 297 deaths.

Published : August 25, 2021

By : The Nation