Wed, July 06, 2022


'Ray of sunshine': California university mourns death of zebra-crossing doctor

The University of California’s Francis I Proctor Foundation for Research in Ophthalmology released a statement on Monday mourning the death of Dr Waralak Supawat-Jariyakul.

“It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of the tragic death of one of our own. Dr Waraluck ‘KT’ Supawatjariyakul died on Friday [January 21] in Bangkok after being hit in a crosswalk by a speeding motorcycle,” the statement said.

“She had just completed her fellowship at Proctor and returned to Thailand to treat uveitis patients there. At Proctor, KT was a ray of sunshine on our foggy days, completely full of life and happiness and joy which she shared with us all. She will be sorely missed.”

Dr Waraluck died from fatal injuries sustained when she was flung in the air by a speeding Ducati motorbike driven by Pol Lance Corporal Norawit Buadok. She was walking across the road at a zebra crossing in Bangkok at the time.

Published : January 25, 2022