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TUESDAY, November 29, 2022
Policeman behind zebra-crossing death told to leave monkhood

Policeman behind zebra-crossing death told to leave monkhood

TUESDAY, January 25, 2022

The National Office of Buddhism said on Tuesday that the policeman who hit and fatally injured a doctor at a zebra crossing in Bangkok could not be ordained as a Buddhist monk.

Sittha Moolhong, the spokesman of the office, said the monk’s law did not allow a criminal suspect in any case, which has not yet been adjudicated, to enter monkhood.

Sittha said his office had told the chief of the Sangha district where Pol Lance Corporal Norawit Buadok was ordained to tell the preceptor monk that ordained him to arrange for his departure from the monkhood.

Norawit and his father, Sub-Lieutenant Nikhom Buadok, were ordained as Buddhist monks on Monday at Wat Pariwat Rajasongkram to make merit for Dr Waralak Supawat-Jariyakul. Waralak was killed on Friday after being hit by a speeding big bike ridden by Norawit.

Sources said Norawit would leave monkhood later on Tuesday while his father would remain ordained.

The Sangha Council Law states in Section 14 of Chapter 3 that mentor monks must not ordain criminal suspects.

Netizens were divided on the issue on Tuesday. One side said a criminal suspect should not have been ordained, but many others felt that if he really felt remorse, he should be allowed to be ordained to make merit and atone for his actions.