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TUESDAY, December 05, 2023

‘Dr Review’ concerned about children developing ‘severe Covid symptoms’

‘Dr Review’ concerned about children developing ‘severe Covid symptoms’
THURSDAY, February 10, 2022

The “Dr Review” Facebook page said the Covid-19 situation is worrying as children were developing more severe symptoms while the number of patients was increasing.

In a post on Wednesday, Dr Review said, “PCR [testing has found new patients of] around 13,000, ATK [likely infections discovered via antigen tests] is almost 6,000. Hospitals are crowded. There are a lot of children with severe symptoms in this wave. Let’s see if [the government] will let the number run. Who will end the game first?”

Another post on Thursday said: “PCR is almost 15,000 while ATK is almost 8,000. How can we survive? Children have severe symptoms, from high fever and vomiting to diarrhoea. If they are isolated without caution, they might [feel the] shock. Covid-19 does not love children anymore … but vaccines could help.”

Dr Teerawat Hemachuta, head of Chulalongkorn University’s Information Centre for Emerging Infectious Diseases, cited the first post on Wednesday.

He warned on Facebook about taking “caution over children’s symptoms”. He said Covid-19 might spread to the elderly and people with underlying diseases in their houses.

He also pointed out some surprising numbers on Wednesday, saying there were 52,687 people in field hospitals, 547 patients with pneumonia and 111 who needed tracheal intubation. On Thursday, he added, there were 53,694 people in field hospitals, 563 patients with pneumonia and 114 who required tracheal intubation.