Mon, June 27, 2022


Bangkok governor issues 9 measures to make schools ganja-hemp-free zones

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) on Thursday issued an order for schools under its administration to strictly follow nine measures to prevent and monitor the use of marijuana and hemp among students after the two plants were legalised last week.

The order, expressly signed by Governor Chadchart Sitthiphan, stipulated that all schools run by the BMA must follow these measures:

1. All schools must be marijuana- and hemp-free zones.

2. No selling of food, snacks or beverages with marijuana or hemp as ingredients.

3. No advertising of food, snacks or beverages with marijuana or hemp as ingredients.

4. School executives, teachers and staff must monitor students to prevent the use of the two plants in school, and set a good example for students.

5. Schools must provide knowledge and understanding of marijuana and hemp and the danger these pose through classroom learning for students at all levels.

6. The institutions must organise various academic activities based on students’ interests that emphasise the risks of consuming marijuana or hemp.

7. Schools must also run public relations campaigns to increase student awareness of the impact of marijuana and hemp on physical and mental health.

8. The institutions must coordinate with parents, surrounding communities and merchants in school areas to prevent the sale of food, snacks or beverages with marijuana or hemp as ingredients.

9. Schools must coordinate with public health offices and district offices in monitoring and preventing the use of marijuana and hemp among students.

On Wednesday Chadchart said he did not object to the national government’s policy to decriminalise the use of marijuana, but the BMA would have to be prepared in terms of medical services for any eventualities, and it would also have to report health issues related to ganja use to the Public Health Ministry.

He was referring to an incident in which a man died of cannabis overdose. An autopsy revealed the man died of heart failure and he had a record of marijuana use.

“The BMA has to be on the alert. The BMA has to follow the law; it does not contradict the government’s policy. However, as the implementer of the policy, we have to be careful and have our medical services ready,” Chadchart said.

Published : June 16, 2022