Salmon cannot be contaminated with Covid-19: Disease Control Department

MONDAY, JUNE 15, 2020

Salmon cannot be contaminated with the Covid-19 virus, Disease Control Department deputy director-general Dr Thanarak Palipat stated.

He made the remark in reply to a news report that cutting boards for imported salmon in Beijing’s Xinfadi Market detected the virus, causing worries that the fish could be contaminated with the virus.
“We have not studied the case in detail, but we believe salmon cannot be contaminated with the Covid-19 virus,” he said. “We believe that the sellers contracted Covid-19 from their cutting boards.”
He said the department has never recommended eating raw meat because it may be contaminated with germs.
“We always emphasised that people eat hot, cooked food and use a serving spoon while eating,” he added. “We also advise that vegetables and fruits be washed before they are eaten.”