Opposition to grill govt on rising costs, disease and corruption next month


Opposition parties led by Pheu Thai on Friday submitted a motion to grill the government over the rising cost of living, pandemic and other issues.

Pheu Thai leader Cholnan Srikaew requested the debate be scheduled for February 16-17, with 36 hours allotted so opposition MPs have enough time to speak.

He said MPs would demand answers from the government on four issues.

It will question why the cost of living keeps rising but workers’ pay remains low.

It will target the government over the Covid-19 pandemic and outbreaks of animal disease in the country.

The opposition will also grill the government on the political crisis, particularly the failure to reform politics and the use of money to solve political issues, the Pheu Thai leader said.

Lastly, the opposition will highlight failures in administration of the country, including failed efforts to suppress drug trafficking, corruption and air pollution, Chonlan said. It will also attack the government over alleged missed opportunities for international trade.

The debate would help the public understand national issues and increase pressure on the government to tackle the problems, Cholnan said.

“The debate is unlikely to bring changes via Parliament, but we will use it to present facts to the people,” he added.

Opposition to grill govt on rising costs, disease and corruption next month Parliament president Chuan Leekpai said he expected the debate to be held in the middle of next month, adding that government coalition and opposition whips will have to discuss its length.

The motion was signed by 173 MPs from seven opposition parties. Under Article 152 of the Constitution, the support of at least 100 MPs is required to submit a motion for a debate to inquire about facts or recommend issues without a resolution.