THURSDAY, February 29, 2024

Some houses in Yangon raise yellow flags to ask for help

Some houses in Yangon raise yellow flags to ask for help

Some houses in townships in Yangon are raising yellow flags to ask for help as people in their homes have been infected with the COVID-19 virus, according to locals.

The infection rate is quick in COVID-19 third wave and some family members raised the flags to have medicines.

“I am grateful to people who help us. My husband is ill in previous day and me also. Only children are left. We cannot buy medicines so we raised flag to ask help to buy medicines. People bought medicines and gave us this morning,” said a family member who raised a flag in South Oakkalapa Township.

She continued that they asked for help to have medicines and people came to donate medicines soon after the flag is raised. The family is grateful for help.

People posted in social media recently that if someone infected with COVID-19 virus needs medicines and food, they should raise the yellow flag.

Some houses in Hlaing, South Oakkalapa and Tamwe townships are seen raise the yellow flags to ask help.

In addition, those who need help can call for help and get free delivery of food and medicine for less than Ks5,000, according to social media posts.

In Myanmar, COVID-19 tests have shown that mutations in the variants of concern, such as Alpha, Delta and variants of interest, Kappa, were found. According to the Ministry of Health and Sports, the mutated Alpha is characterized by a high rate of infection and a high rate of infection among family members who come into contact with the infected person.