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Castro’s heroic stature among the poor says it all

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The world’s mainstream media and the Western ruling elite are holding out Fidel Castro as a terrible monster.

You have to wonder why the accusers never criticise their dictatorial friends in the Middle East and elsewhere for even worse violations of human rights. What about the accusers’ own worldwide military misdeeds? And why is deadly violence allowed over and over again without the global community trying to stop it? I doubt a truthful authoritative history will ever be written.
How could the beloved South African statesman Nelson Mandela have had Fidel Castro as a lifelong friend? Could he be so wrong as to not recognise the monster, instead remarking, “Cubans came to our region as doctors, teachers, soldiers, agricultural experts, but never as colonisers ... What other country has such a history of selfless behaviour as Cuba has shown for the people of Africa?”
Only leaders from poor countries attended Castro’s funeral, which shows that the poor and rich of the world are not in step. The hero of the poor is the enemy of the rich. But who is right and who has history on their side?
A Doubting Thomas

Published : December 02, 2016