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The problem with censoring media coverage of Islamic State

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“SD Little” thinks that the “collaborative” media should be “forced” (gagged) to stop aiding Islamic State terrorists by not divulging presumably “sensitive” or “confidential” information.

He offers us this: “The sight of vehicles mowing through crowds to deadly effect prompts the question, where did the mentally defective perpetrators get the idea?’
Consequently, this follows: “One answer is, from all the media coverage of the London, Nice, Berlin, Stockholm and other attacks.” Not to mention hit-and-run incidents (like the Red Bull imbroglio), that have been a staple of local and national news outlets for decades.
Okay, so let’s stop all media organs (including the ungovernable Web) from reporting on anything or anyone at all, however ludicrous, that we think might – just might – be weaponised or radicalised by terrorists in the future.  
Dr Frank

Published : August 31, 2017