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Report on cadet’s death reflects badly on military

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Re: Military absolves its own over death of cadet

“Chawarat said his committee had interviewed 42 people before reaching its conclusions.”
I think the conclusion was reached well before that. 

Once again the government shows itself to be utterly spineless and to allow a murder to go unpunished. They clearly don’t have the intelligence to realise that by doing so, they are doing nothing to prevent this from happening again. There is a mindset in the military that is totally wrong. This was an opportunity to address that, but clearly honesty is not and never has been a strong point for the junta.

The absolution required the usual official military grade broad brush narrow carpet concept to fairly reach the in-depth conclusion.

So I guess that the term “impartial fact-finding committee” accepted by all parties is a concept completely lost on the Army. Why? Have they got anything to hide?

“…Regarding damage to Phakhapong’s rib, Chawarat said it was possible that four hours of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) - done in the hope of reviving the cadet - might have broken his fourth rib.”
I almost hope this is a lie (or typo), as the stupidity of trying to revive someone for four hours is mind-blowing. 

Good luck getting justice here in Thailand for a long, long time. The country is developing and to develop sacrifices must be made. Headstands, saunas and leap frog are juvenile.
So here in Thailand, if you are from the Western society just hold your tongue cause you have no idea what it’s like. Most of the West is 75 years maybe more ahead of Thailand.
But the good news is because of evolution Thailand will be like the western world is today in a much shorter time frame. I am guessing 30 years or so.
I’ve been here 10 and it’s gone backwards so that needs to be considered too.

Published : December 17, 2017