Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Report on ‘reporter’ appreciated

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I wish to thank Robin Grant for putting the British rape trials into perspective.



I was greatly suspicious that the reason press restrictions were put on a “reporter” was not, as Nigel Pike and JC Wilcox claim, that the courts love all Muslims, even if some of them are rapists. I figured the “reporter” was some Muslim-hating thug who wanted to deprive the suspects of a fair trial.
  While I don’t know how the British system works, in America, even if someone is convicted of a heinous crime, he might be able to get the conviction overturned if he can prove in appeals court he was deprived of a fair trial. 
  As to the question of whether or not Wilcox is a troll, I’m still betting he’s a genuine off-the wall crackpot who has sold out the animal-rights movement in his pathological defence of Donald Trump.
Eric Bahrt

Published : June 05, 2018