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Are tech giants hijacking Internet?

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The topic of censorship is really heating up after Google, YouTube, Spotify, Apple and Facebook prevented the conservative website Infowars from being accessed by their platforms in a concerted effort to block free speech by a source they don’t like. 

Coincidentally, Infowars not only advocates free speech and all US first-amendment rights, but is also a strong voice for vaccine safety, organic foods, natural medicine, environmental safety, government transparency and a wide variety of human rights activism. 
This is a major blow by the technocrats in their attempts to control what we can know and think. They want to ensure our access to porn, violent and depraved Hollywood films and the lowest forms of entertainment in order to keep us distracted, but a considered and intelligent communication about the dangers of vaccines, pesticides and GMOs, the Islamification of the West, whether climate change is real, the money trail and true actors involved in 9/11, Benghazi and the Mueller investigation have now been effectively banned. The Internet is being co-opted by tech giants and soon ordinary people will have no voice to be heard anymore.
Michael Setter
Bang Saray

Published : August 08, 2018