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How to make your neck look longer

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A V-shaped visage is coveted by many women, especially in Asia, because it is considered to impart a youthful appearance, while a slender, long neck is considered to be very elegant for woman and is much envied. It usually goes with a slimmer face shape and gives a feminine appearance. Although the neck plays an important role in facial beauty, treatment options for contouring and refining this area have been relatively limited. Thanks to the recent advanced technique of botulinum toxin injectio



The platysma and trapezius muscles found in the neck and shoulders can affect the appearance of the length of the neck. The platysma is a broad muscle that spreads from the chest up the neck to the jaw. Each of the muscles of the face perform a different function -- some lift up and some pull down. Over time, the bands of platysma in the lower face can pull the skin downwards, which exaggerates a droopy and undefined jawline and neck. Botulinum toxin can be utilised to relax and reduce the downward pull of the platysma muscle band, resulting in the enhancement of the lower facial contour and neck envelope. A well-defined chin and jawline can create the look of a longer neck.
The trapezius is another thick and large band of muscles which supports our neck and shoulders. It is often considered to be desirable for bodybuilders. However, for women a fully developed trapezius can make the neckline shorter. Most recently, botulinum toxin injections have been proved to be effective in relaxing the fully developed trapezius muscles. This will eventually make them less conspicuous and reduce the muscle size for lean and feminine shoulder lines which, in turn, help to improve the neck length.
The combination of injecting botulinum toxin to the platysma and trapezius muscles, will thus allow the neck to appear longer. It is an easy, painless 20-minute procedure. Best of all, there is no recovery time, there are no scars, and no need for anaesthesia. After one to two months of treatment, good aesthetic results can be noticed. The result is temporary and lasts 4-5 months.
A proper selection of affected muscles and a dose of toxin are essential efficiency parameters. The toxin’s purity minimises the potential for allergic reactions and helps it work more effectively.

Published : November 17, 2019

By : Thanisorn Thamlikitkul Special to The Nation