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Thailand ranks 3rd globally in video gaming

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Thailand came in third among countries with the highest video gaming on any device, according to the Statista survey conducted in July.

Before the arrival of the digital era, most Thai children said they wanted to be soldiers or policemen when they grew up.

Now most of them want to become e-sports players, as the internet plays a very important role in many people’s lives.

The survey, covering internet users aged between 16 and 64, found that 85 per cent of the global population that is hooked up to the internet play games on at least one device. The Philippines topped the list, with a gaming penetration of 97 per cent.


Indonesia came in second with 94.3 per cent, while Japan, Ireland and Belgium came in as the bottom three with a gaming reach of less than 75 per cent.

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Published : November 30, 2021