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SATURDAY, June 10, 2023
Thailand’s video gamers eye big rewards as esports goes professional

Thailand’s video gamers eye big rewards as esports goes professional

TUESDAY, September 21, 2021

Esports officially became a professional sport in Thailand, according to a Royal Gazette notice published on Monday.

Its new professional status means that people or organisations related to esports will be supported by the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT).

Esports, or electronic sports, is a form of competition based on video games played by professional players, whether as individuals or teams.

Its popularity has soared in recent years, with competitions here run by the Thailand E-Sports Federation, which is recognised by the SAT and is a member of the International e-Sports Federation.

Promotion of esports as a professional pursuit in Thailand should help guarantee a promising future for the sport and for top gamers, who will be eyeing big financial rewards. It could also help boost the Thai video-game industry.

Esports joins other professional sports in Thailand including football, golf, jet ski, volleyball, takraw, bowling, motorcycle racing, cycling, auto racing, snooker, badminton, tennis and basketball.

Video gaming is also being considered for inclusion as an Olympic sport.