Central’s ‘Unlimited Beauty’ campaign to elevate Thailand’s wellness industry

FRIDAY, APRIL 19, 2024

After successfully orchestrating the “Thailand Songkran Festival 2024” in 41 Central Department Stores nationwide this month, Central Pattana is now focusing on the beauty market.

The “Unlimited Beauty 2024” initiative, which runs until May 31, aims to propel Thailand’s health tourism market and position the country as a leading beauty destination.

Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana, chief marketing officer for Central Pattana, said Central Department Stores were already serving as beauty destination landmarks. With a staggering array of more than 390 beauty clinics and over 750 beauty brands, these stores cater to a diverse customer demographic.

Central’s ‘Unlimited Beauty’ campaign to elevate Thailand’s wellness industry


In line with prevailing trends, the beauty market continues to flourish, propelled by heightened consumer interest in health, beauty and self-care. This trend is particularly pronounced in the retail sector, which serves as the primary avenue for accessing beauty products and services.

According to data from Grand View Research, the Asia-Pacific region commanded a 39.3% share of the global beauty product market in 2023. Projections indicate a 9% growth trajectory for 2024, driven by escalated consumer expenditure and a rising interest in self-care practices.


Central Pattana forged a partnership with Galderma (Thailand) to roll out the “Unlimited Beauty 2024” campaign. This multifaceted initiative covers a wide collection of activities and promotions at Central Department Stores nationwide.

The company believes this campaign will not just reinforce its leadership in the beauty market, but will also promote Thailand as a premier health tourism hub.