Thai League problems discussed as Madam Pang takes CEO chair


Madam Pang has assumed the role of CEO of the Thai League and is forming a committee to investigate debts, contracts, and various disputes inherited from the previous FA management team.

Numerous areas of concern need to be addressed, she told yesterday’s meeting of the Football Association of Thailand’s board.

Discussions about Thai League Company Limited's management arose due to the current board having only one remaining member, severely impacting company operations.

As the major shareholder, the FA proposed that its president, Nualphan Lamsam, aka Madam Pang, take over as CEO to ensure smooth operations in line with Thai League protocol.

“We addressed several ongoing and critical issues, especially regarding the Audit Committee's work.

Thai League problems discussed as Madam Pang takes CEO chair

Today, they delivered reports on assets, liabilities, and various contracts, which are crucial for the current management,” Madam Pang said after the meeting.

“There are several issues of concern that require further investigation, necessitating the formation of an additional investigative committee to ensure comprehensive coverage and to provide recommendations for the future.”

Lertsak Patthanachaikul, chairman of the Asset Audit Committee, added: "The president intends to ensure transparency in all operations, and she wants all board members to have access to the same information as her.

This principle guides our audit process."

Thai League problems discussed as Madam Pang takes CEO chair

“Of most concern is that the association may have to take responsibility for issues arising from the previous association, including tax matters and various pending lawsuits that are expected to be resolved soon."

“Discussions were also held during the meeting to find short-term and long-term solutions to the problem of referees.

This includes additional conditional drawings, plans to increase the number of referees both on-field and those capable of handling VAR, as well as accelerating referee training programs.

This is aimed at providing the association with higher-quality referees to reduce errors in decision-making, and understanding the sentiments of team members, especially football fans, which is crucial," Madam Pang said.