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Is humanity on the road to serfdom?

May 05. 2017
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In 1949 George Orwell was inspired to write his satire “1984”. Having witnessed and experienced Nazi and Communist fascism he projected fascism to its ultimate totalitarian conclusion.

Fascism is fascism, whether of the political right or left or hiding behind a 7th-century religion. Unopposed it will destroy individualism and descend into a dystopian world of Zombism. If the book was a prediction, then it is proving to be very true, if a little belated. Orwell died in 1950 leaving behind some very profound thoughts. Particularly relevant to the current situation is, “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.” 

The 1960s brought a noticeable lowering of standards in all areas of life, particularly in education, and that has continued to this day assisted by political correctness. PC has all but killed freedom of expression of the individual and thereby individualism. As a result common sense reasoning has met its demise. The indoctrinated consider the “okay” hand sign to be racist. They call for hand-clapping and cheering to be banned because it “disenfranchises deaf people”. Even more ridiculous is their opposition to breast-feeding. They claim it is unnatural and should be replaced with formula feeding so men can be involved. This is the extreme nonsense of the gender-free brigade. They also maintain that both sexes should share the same changing rooms and toilet facilities, even to the extent that “young girls will have to get used to seeing older men’s penises”.

Seemingly unaware of this reality, Pope Francis, speaking in 2016 announced, “[There are] grave risks associated with libertarian individualism at high strata of culture and in university education.” The University of California, Berkeley alone shows the opposite is true. The real world is quite different from the one in which the pope lives.  Further, the pope denounced libertarianism as “a self ideal and [it] denies the value of the common good”. Is it not to “the common good” that individuals develop interactively as aware, socially cohesive human beings? Politically indoctrinated Snowflakes retreating to safe spaces can hardly be to the common good?

The pope has also suggested that Islam is a religion of peace and is in favour of a one-world religion to complement a one-world government. A one-world order will oversee a devalued, mindless human population of serfs. 

JC Wilcox

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