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The land that time remembered

Mar 11. 2019
The official Facebook page of China’s online art exhibition “Memory of Aesthetic Yunnan”
The official Facebook page of China’s online art exhibition “Memory of Aesthetic Yunnan”
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Online art exhibition, “Memory Of Aesthetic Yunnan” was officially launched last month in an attempt to showcase Yunnan art to people all over the world.

It features more than 30 art exhibits of dance, music, cuisine, handicrafts, and natural and cultural photography. The artwork has also been uploaded to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Plus and Reddit. To see it, just log in to the above platforms and follow the “NO.1” homepage.

Yunnan is similar to a botanical garden, an ecological treasure of China, and a destination that sees tens of thousands of photographers visit each year to take pictures of the red earth, terraces, the sea of flowers, the tropical rainforest and the starry sky at close range. 

Yunnan’s peacock dance, the Water-Splashing Festival of the Dai people and the Torch Festival of the Yi people are worldfamous. The ancient Yunnan music, “hulusi” (a flute made of cucurbit) and “sanxian” (a three-stringed plucked instrument) contribute ancient and mellifluous melodies to the world.

Delicacies like steam pot chicken, Pu’er tea, flower cakes and Yunnan Arabica coffee, enjoy a worldwide reputation. The handicrafts, such as oil-paper umbrellas, wind chimes, brocade, tiedyes, and embroidery, boast both rich diversity and dazzling beauty.

A hundred years ago, the Yunnan-Vietnam Railway opened the gateway to this mystery land. A hundred years later, the Belt and Road presents a new open Yunnan to the world. 

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