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Bags with refined Thai elegance

Mar 29. 2019
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Uniquely crafted using three-heddle silk from Khon Kaen Province, luxury handbag brand Phya’s new collection “The Kankoon”, transforms the handwoven Ikat silk with its elaborate pattern into an elegant handbag.

The rectangular-shaped bag that can be carried as a clutch is embellished with a metal chain strap from Italy for practical use as a cross shoulder or shoulder bag and comes in both small and medium sizes. Another design is a small elegant box-shaped bag in leather and silk that also comes with a chain strap.

Jirayong Anuman-Rajadhon, creative director, organised a workshop in collaboration with Jongkol Palarit, fashion director of Vogue Magazine Thailand to share mix & match techniques for leather handbag with Thai textile prints. In attendance were celebrities Jareyadee Spencer, Apinara Srikarnchana, Melanie Yoovidhya, and Weeranund Sadakornwongwut. 


“People enjoy mixing and matching their styles and looks and so we are presenting new designs inspired by Thai craftsmanship. I visited Khon Kaen and experienced the elaborate technique of silk weaving called three-heddle silk, which gives an extra thick layer and distinctive patterns, and that give me the idea of combining this type of Ikat silk with our elegant Phya bags to create new contemporary designs,” Jirayong said.

Jongkol suggested pairing the leather bag with Thai textile pattern for achieve four unique looks and also gave some easy maintenance tips.


“Thai textile is actually not difficult to use. You can start with accessories like using Thai textile handbag as it’s easy to match with outfit. However, it’s important to choose a good quality and modern design. For ladies, the everyday look is quite basic. Most women like to wear jeans and Tshirt with an edgy blazer and this look can be accessorised with a small boxyshaped bag in a dark colour with a neutral fabric pattern to go with denim. For working day, the outfit should look more classic and elegant, so we can choose a larger clutch for professional look in dark tone with modern pattern.” 

“For the modern lady traveller, our choice would be a small bag in which to carry passport, small makeup items and a phone, so we recommend a colourful clutch with cross shoulder chain to make it practical for the trip. And lastly, an evening dress can be accompanied by an Ikat silk handbag with an elegant colour and pattern.


For the maintenance of items from silk, always avoid humidity that may cause damage to natural fibre. Keep it in a dry bag and seal closely after use. I encourage ladies of new generation to be open-minded about Thai fabric as the patterns of Thai textile are more modern than even more these days and it’s that uniqueness that reflects our Thai culture. You may start by using it for special occasions or mix and match then adapt them to your outfit styling later,” he noted. 

The collection boasts seven selected patterns including Emerald, Amber and Sapphire and adapted patterns like Lilac, Auburn and Tulip.

Jareyadee Spencer, said: “I love and collect Thai textile, especially pieces with unique patterns. Hand woven and machine woven fabrics are different. The machine-woven one will look very neat while hand woven won’t look as neat but the details can be seen more clearly and it’s quite charming. So I personally prefer the hand woven one. I use Thai fabric items on occasion, mostly for social events. I choose plain silk without pattern, and match with leather handbag in Thai silk pattern. I will also control the colour of outfit in my overall look.”

For more information see, Facebook: phyaoffical, Instagram: phyaoffical, andLine ID: @phya.


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