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Elites like to speak for all Thais, yet are silent on real reason for Thaksin’s rise 

Apr 15. 2019
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Re: “At least the military is not a stooge of the West”, Letters, The Nation Weekend, April 13-14. 

Let’s get something straight, Vint Chavala! You don’t speak for the Thai people. And you don’t know that they are happy with military rule.

Why don’t you ever speak out when people are intimidated by “attitude readjustment’, thrown in jail for engaging in peaceful protest or when they even “disappear”?

You like to complain about Thaksin Shinawatra, yet if the rich elitist Democrats had, when in power, addressed the problems of the rural poor, Thaksin never would have risen to power in the first place.

It is you elitists who created these problems, and now you justify military oppression to solve them. 

Eric Bahrt

Chiang Mai

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