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Vegans fight a losing battle against bloody evolution

May 29. 2019
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It’s a curious aspect of language that the word vegan has been traced back to an Indian or perhaps Latin root, allegedly meaning failed hunter. Forget about those old-fogey vegans Donald Watson and Pythagoras.

Personally I don’t care either way, as I will continue to eat the way that nature and evolution designed me to. For example: I’ve just been out for a lamb shank. (No, it’s not Cockney rhyming slang.)

Even now after that delicious repast, I can hear the terrified bleats as the prey went to slaughter; a bit like an antelope might well feel when being run to ground by a cheetah. A nice accompaniment, eh?

Oh, and one more thing – being a carnivore does not a failed gardener make or whatever, to anticipate some smart-aleck lettuce-muncher. Now, that should put the cat amongst the pigeons very nicely. 

How apposite.

Dr Frank


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