Virologist calls for immunity study before devising Covid vaccination plan for next year


A study on people's immunity is necessary to set up a vaccination plan for next year, as Covid-19 will become a seasonal disease, well-known virologist Dr Yong Poovorawan said on Thursday.

In his Facebook post, he said most people had received their booster jab from nature — through Covid-19 infection.

However, he advised people to consider the side-effects thoroughly, as side-effects from Covid-19 infection would be more severe than from receiving the vaccine jab.

"Hence, receiving the vaccine jab is better," he said, adding that people should receive at least three jabs no matter what the vaccine type.

Yong pointed out that hybrid immunity from the Covid-19 vaccine and infection is quite effective. He estimated that around 70 per cent of people in Thailand had been infected with Covid-19.

"This is why the severity of Covid-19 has decreased," he said.

Yong expected Covid-19 to become a seasonal disease from now on as people get on with their normal life.

However, the elderly, pregnant women and patients with underlying diseases would be most vulnerable to Covid-19, he added.

"We have to study people's immunity to set up a vaccination plan for next year," he said.

"It is possible that vaccination next year will focus on those vulnerable to Covid-19 and children aged below two years," he added.