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Talented team mates will ease pressure on Neymar at World Cup, says Brazil great Ronaldo

Talented team mates will ease pressure on Neymar at World Cup, says Brazil great Ronaldo

Former Brazil and Real Madrid great Ronaldo thinks that although the pressure will be on Neymar to deliver for his country at next month's World Cup in Qatar, he will be supported by the best team mates of his international career so far.

"I think most the pressure will be on Neymar no matter what. This is definitely a better team than the ones Brazil had in the previous World Cups. He is going to have the help of great players who are living really great moments right now," Ronaldo told Reuters in Madrid on Friday (October 14), minutes before the world premier of his documentary 'The Phenomenon', a DAZN Original focused on his life that is set to be released later this month.

Ronaldo is the symbol of Brazil's last World Cup title, having scored both goals against Germany in the 2002 final in Japan.

He was also part of the squad that won the World Cup in 1994 at 17-years-old and has been named FIFA World Player of the Year three times and won two Ballon d'Or awards.

But Ronaldo said that he agreed to make a movie about his life because he felt the need to solve the untold mystery of the 1998 World Cup final.

Ronaldo went into the tournament in France, 1998 off the back of a stunning 34-goal debut season with Inter Milan and had scored four times up to the final with Brazil looking unstoppable.

However, something happened on the eve of the game with his health that changed the mood in the changing room.

Reports circulated before the match in Paris that he was taken off the team sheet, before being restored. Brazil were thumped 3-0 by hosts France.

Ronaldo played for both Real Madrid and Barcelona in his career and scored twice against Real in the 1996-97 campaign. Years later, wearing white, he would punish Barca up to four times in the biggest clash in Spanish football.

Today he says he is proud to see other Brazilians having success on the old continent.

"I feel really proud watching Brazilian players having success here in Europe. Rodrygo, Vinicius, Raphinha this year at Barcelona. He played really well at Leeds (United) in previous years. It really makes me proud to see Brazilians doing so well."