Teen allegedly kills man for stealing her phone


A 13-year-old girl in Bangkok allegedly stomped a man to death, claiming he had stolen her phone.

Khan Na Yao police were informed at 11.35pm on Friday that a man was found dead in front of a building in Bangkok’s Khlong Sam Wa. The man had several bruises on his chest. He was identified as Cheud Khunsantia, 49.

Suphakit Sainamyen, a witness aged 35, told police that he had witnessed a man and a girl stomping on Chued’s chest when he was coming into a convenience store. He said when he asked the alleged killers the reason for their actions, the two said that Chued had tried to rob a phone.

When Suphakit left the store, a taxi biker there updated that the stomped man was already dead.

Later, police found the two suspects – a Laotian man Sorn Siriwandee, aged around 35 to 40, and a girl (whose name and surname have not been revealed).

The girl told police that Chued had entered her room last week and stolen her phone. When she saw the man again, she decided to take revenge by kicking and stomping him. Sorn also participated in the alleged attack. The report did not clarify a relationship between the two persons.

Initially, the police did not believe this explanation. Police are investigating the reason for the crime.