Wild ride: Tiger cub chases motorbike on Thai street

THURSDAY, MAY 16, 2024

Sudden appearance of big cat sparks rescue in Chachoengsao

A motorcyclist driving along a street in Chachoengsao, 80 kilometres east of Bangkok, was astonished to find a tiger cub blocking his path on Thursday.

Resident Chayanon Kongsuwan, 21, told police that he was taking his passenger back home in the early hours when they encountered the young tiger in the middle of the soi.

Chayanon said the big cat briefly chased their bike before settling down again on the street. He and his passenger, 23-year-old Thanapol Rungroj, then fled inside and called police.

Wild ride: Tiger cub chases motorbike on Thai street

Bang Pakong police and a rescue team rushed to the scene after being alerted at 3.30am there was a tiger on the loose.

They arrived at Soi Bang Wua-Bang Chak 7 in Tambon Bang Wua to find the cub lying in front of Thanapol’s house with the neighbourhood in turmoil.

The tiger seemed unfazed by the attention, however, and even began playing with a reporter who arrived with the police.

Nervous onlookers fled at one point as the young predator sank its teeth into the reporter’s leg. But it quickly became apparent that the “attack” was just playful. 


Wild ride: Tiger cub chases motorbike on Thai street

Officials took about 10 minutes to lure the cub to the middle of the soi before police and rescue officials were able to wrap it in a blanket and carry it to the rescue truck.

The cub was taken to be cared for by the Conservation Area Management Office Area 2 in Chonburi’s Si Racha district.
Officials are investigating how it ended up on the street.