Bangkok Blue Line MRT train springs a leak


Commuters drenched as water starts pouring in from the ceiling, BEM blames leak on heavy rain

Commuters on Bangkok’s MRT Blue Line, travelling from Tao Poon to Tha Phra, were caught off guard on Tuesday evening when water began pouring down from the ceiling.

A post shared on TikTok by @nittakwang showed many in the packed carriage trying to keep themselves dry. Some even resorted to unfurling their umbrella inside the carriage.

Bangkok Blue Line MRT train springs a leak

Once the post went viral, the Blue Line operator Bangkok Expressway and Metro (BEM) issued a statement saying the water had been caused by heavy rain.

The incident took place at about 6.35pm on Tuesday after the train pulled out of Bang Sue station for Tao Poon station. BEM said once the train arrived at the terminal in Tha Phra, it was thoroughly cleaned and removed from service.

Bangkok Blue Line MRT train springs a leak

In the statement, BEM said it has issued an apology to those affected and provided compensation. It said it will inspect the train carriages closely to find the cause of the leak.