Most Thais unhappy with Srettha govt’s performance after 9 months: poll

SUNDAY, JUNE 09, 2024

Most Thais are unhappy with the performance of the Srettha Thavisin  government and do not have much confidence in the administration after it has been in office for nine months, an opinion survey found.

The survey by the National Institute of Development Administration was conducted via telephone interviews among 1,310 random respondents from around the country, who are at least 18 years old. The results were announced on Sunday.

Asked whether they were happy with the performance of the Srettha government during the past nine months:

34.35%: Rather unhappy
31.69%: Not happy at all
25.19%: Rather happy
7.40%: Very happy
1.37%: No comment

Asked whether they have confidence in the government solving the country’s issues:

35.95%: Not confident at all
35.04%: Not quite confident
22.14%: Quite confident
5.42%: Very confident
1.45%: No comment

Asked what they think would be significant political changes during the next two months, the top 10 answers were (more than one answer allowed):

43.44%: Srettha would remain in office
15.65%: Coalition composition would remain unchanged
15.50%: A Cabinet reshuffle would take place
10.92%: The House would be dissolved and a snap election called
10.46%: Srettha would be deposed and a new prime minister would come from Pheu Thai
6.56%: A new prime minister from the opposition camp would be appointed
6.11%: A new coalition would be formed and a realignment of partners would take place
4.58%: A new prime minister from one of the current coalition partners would be appointed
3.21%: Number of coalition MPs would increase