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Liberator launches ‘LIBFAM Model’ for cost-saving securities trading

Liberator launches ‘LIBFAM Model’ for cost-saving securities trading

Liberator Securities Ltd, Thailand’s first 100% digital broker, announced its overwhelming success in the first year of operation thanks to customers that include both new and experienced investors.

The creator of the Social Investment Platform vowed to improve its financial products and services next year with a focus on strengthening the trader community and further sharing investment knowledge.

At the “LIP Talks Finale 2023” event, celebrating the company’s first anniversary last month, Liberator’s chief executive officer, Pavalin “Toon” Limthongchai, also unveiled the company’s latest product – “LIBFAM Model”.

A flat-rate commission scheme that helps investors calculate their trading costs as well as save money, the LIBFAM Model was enthusiastically welcomed by over 500 investors and VIP guests at the event.

“Liberator’s initial business model came from the question: Why do we have to pay a per-transaction commission when trading securities?” said Pavalin. “This question drove us to build a platform for PC and mobile devices where every investor is equal. We offer commission-free trading services to all regardless of the trading amount, resulting in our application being downloaded more than 300,000 times and investors saving more than 219 million baht in commission fees.”

Liberator Timeline 2024

Pavalin went on to say that the Liberator platform also provides investment knowledge and allows investors to adjust their investment plans by themselves. The company recently added the trading of American securities to its roster of services, and will launch more fund products in December, she said.

Next year customers can expect more products on the Liberator platform, including US Options, global trading, SBL (securities borrowing and lending), and more, the CEO added.

“Most importantly, we are using feedback sent by many of our customers to further improve our application,” said Pavalin. “We promise that within the first quarter, many of the requests will be met, such as condition order, GTC/GTD, and more reporting services on the Liberator platform.”

Business Model of LIBFAM Model

As for Liberator’s latest ambition, the LIBFAM Model, the company still adheres to its goal of “creating equal investment opportunities for all”. The model introduces a flat-rate commission scheme to ensure transparent charging across all three packages – small, medium and large – in which investors can select the one that best suits their needs.

“For example, for the trading of Thai securities under 5 million baht per month, you can choose the S package of LIBFAM at 499 baht. This will help you save 7,000 baht in commission fees by reducing the commission to 0.01% [100 baht per 1 million],” said Pavalin.

Meanwhile, for the trading of TFEX at a normal rate of 40 baht per contract, investors can choose the M package at 999 baht and save 7,000 baht on commission fees thanks to reduced commission at 5 baht per contract. This package also allows traders of American securities to bypass the normal commission rate of 0.15% and break even on commission costs after trading only 500,000 baht.

Liberator launches ‘LIBFAM Model’ for cost-saving securities trading

S, M, L Packages of LIBFAM Model

Pavalin added that many customers have no idea how much commission they pay in each month of trading. Liberator, therefore, has added a function in the application so you can check how much you have saved on commission fees by simply selecting the menu You > Report > Commission Save.

“A customer who has a 1-million-baht portfolio with us in the past year has discovered that Liberator helped him save 100,000 baht in commission fees from over 63 million baht in trading value,” said Pavalin. “Like him, you can also save on commission fees by choosing a LIBFAM package starting from 499 baht per month.”

Commission Save

She added that new customers can try this new service for free for the first three months. For those who still do not know which package to choose, they can go with ‘LIBFAM Basic’, which offers free commission for the first two transactions of each month, while the third transaction will have the most economical fee.

LIBFAM Model: Basic

The LIBFAM Model, slated to kick off on March 1 is available to customers who open their account before December 15, 2023. New customers joining after the said date until the end of 2024 will be offered commission-free trading for three months instead.

For more information and announcements from Liberator, visit the Facebook Page: Liberator Securities, and Line Official Account @Liberator.

Liberator launches ‘LIBFAM Model’ for cost-saving securities trading