TUESDAY, April 16, 2024

Thai businesses increasingly opt for Google Cloud to enhance efficiency

Thai businesses increasingly opt for Google Cloud to enhance efficiency

Google Cloud not only supports Thai businesses in their digital transformation strategies as they accelerate their shift to digital solutions, but also helps them grab unique opportunities amid changing customer demands, the US cloud service said in a press release, adding that firms such as Big C, HomePro, Siam Cement Group and Krungthai Bank have already jumped on the cloud bandwagon.

Helping retailers 'grow their business, not their overheads'

Covid-19 has ushered in a dramatic increase in awareness for the ease and convenience of online shopping.

And it is none other than grocery and general merchandising retailer Big C, which has opted for Google Cloud to run critical systems – a wise decision as the pandemic spread to Thailand.

Running its ecommerce website in Google Cloud enabled Big C to maintain services as customers ramped up online purchasing, innovate quickly and introduce additional promotions and features without disruption.

The business also relies heavily on Google Cloud’s in-depth defence to block threats and secure systems, data and people, the service said.

Local home improvement centre HomePro has also stepped up its search engine and digital marketing performance by shifting its website and e-commerce platform from on-premises infrastructure to Google Cloud, enabling the business to control costs and assign resources efficiently, the press release said.

Helping take the friction out of financial services

Banks also have an important role to play in the post-pandemic economic recovery.

These institutions can help by providing businesses access to critical loans and funding so they can reopen their doors and implement new safety measures post-lockdown, while also offering consumers more personalised services and digital channels that are accessible to all, even those who may find it difficult to bank online.

Krungthai Bank is one example. It has accelerated a digital reinvention programme that aims to increase revenue and deliver value-added capabilities to customers through its Krungthai Next mobile banking app. Built with Google Cloud, it can not only scale the mobile app to a growing customer base, but also leverage cloud artificial intelligence and machine learning to unlock user insights to better serve evolving needs.

Helping enterprises migrate their mission-critical workloads

An SAP (systems applications and products in data processing) environment is often at the very centre of an enterprise’s operations, and moving SAP workloads to the cloud is rarely simple or easy. Many IT organisations struggle to manage the short-term cost, complexity and risk that come with SAP cloud migrations. As a result, some organisations hesitate to move ahead in this area.

However, Siam Cement Group (Cement-Building & Materials - Distribution) is migrating their SAP workloads to Google Cloud, enabling them to optimise their IT resources while building on their reliable local infrastructure to innovate.

“By implementing their SAP S/4HANA on Google Cloud, they can leverage our highly scalable and reliable platform and improve the overall efficiency and security of internal platforms,” the service said.

Investing in connectivity in Thailand to benefit cloud customers

“We are proud to provide a cloud platform that supports businesses in Thailand and beyond. To continue to serve the demands of our Cloud customers and their users, we’re building local points of connectivity in Bangkok. Customers will be able to connect to True IDC in the coming weeks, with CSL the Cloud following later this year,” the service said.

“We will also install a full network edge to give customers and end-users access to a range of Google Cloud products and services they can use to innovate, create efficiencies and contribute to the broader Thai economy,” the press release added.