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SUNDAY, September 25, 2022
How two green pets have won the hearts of visitors to Koh Tao

How two green pets have won the hearts of visitors to Koh Tao

TUESDAY, December 15, 2020
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When you think of "Koh Tao", beautiful beaches, clear water, coral reefs, and scuba diving immediately come to mind. The island is acclaimed as one of the world’s most famous diving destinations. Each year, hundreds of thousands of international tourists travel to the island.

Yet Koh Tao has another story that is equally captivating -- the story of two golden retrievers, a two-year old mother dog "Money" and her nine-month-old pup "Fanta".

How two green pets have won the hearts of visitors to Koh Tao

Money and Fanta are celebrities. Young hipsters who visit Koh Tao are eager to meet them. Not only are they cute and healthy dogs, but they also possess “green hearts”.

Money and Fanta’s stories have been continuously covered by many Thai celebrities and bloggers as well-trained dogs who show their love for nature by collecting marine debris.

How two green pets have won the hearts of visitors to Koh Tao

Bunthin Daenthaisong (Uncle Chai), the owner of Money and Fanta, said the mother-son duo became known among local and international tourists after a group of youngsters hired a boat ride with the two dogs tagging along.

“Money and Fanta started to sail with me since they were young. In the beginning, the mother, Money, was just three months old and now both of them are used to sailing," said Uncle Chai.

How two green pets have won the hearts of visitors to Koh Tao

Tourists enjoy spending time with Money and Fanta and always post photos of them on social media channels, thus ensuring popularity of the duo.

The most impressive thing about both dogs is that they are trained to collect marine debris. When the owner throws a bottle or branches into the sea, Money and Fanta would jump off to collect the debris. If Money and Fanta spot any marine debris, such as bamboo or bottles, they would jump off the boat and swim to collect them. They are truly ‘green-hearted dogs’ who truly love nature, according to Uncle Chai.

This story has enabled Uncle Chai to earn extra income even in the Covid-19 crisis, compared to other small tourist boat drivers on Koh Tao, thanks to Money and Fanta.

“Koh Tao was affected by Covid-19 because tourists were unable to visit due to the national lockdown policy. Before the pandemic, many foreign tourists visited the island for diving and stayed more than a week, but after the Covid-19 outbreak there are no foreigners at all. Only groups of Thai visitors came during the holidays, for only 2-3 days. The situation created a huge impact on small tourist boat drivers in Koh Tao as they lacked the income to survive and to take care of their families."

How two green pets have won the hearts of visitors to Koh Tao

The upside of Covid-19 in Koh Tao is the respite provided to nature and the resulting restoration of Koh Tao’s natural beauty and the clear waters, ideal for snorkelling and diving. Highlights of the famous tourist spots in Koh Tao include Nang Yuan Pinnacle, Mango Bay, Hin Wong Pinnacle, Aow Leuk, Japanese Gardens, and Shark Island.

Since October 2020, a crowdfunding campaign -- “Koh Tao Better Together” -- by Biofin, UNDP Thailand, Krungthai Bank, Raks Thai Foundation and Koh Tao subdistrict municipality has been ongoing to raise money to support a group of small tourist boat drivers in Koh Tao under the "cash for work" modality for three months. Recently, a Big Cleaning Day was organised through the campaign in preparation for an expected return of tourists.