Taiwanese actress grateful to Chuwit for exposing police extortion


Taiwanese actress Charlene An (An Yu-qing), who was the victim of a Bangkok police shakedown earlier this month, thanked ex-politician and massage parlour tycoon Chuwit Kamolvisit for blowing the whistle.

In a Facebook post, Chuwit said a Singapore national who paid the police 27,000 baht on An’s behalf will meet him today.

Chuwit added that he would personally cover the Singaporean’s travel expenses.

In response to Chuwit’s post on Monday, An said she was thankful that the former politician had finally uncovered the truth. Her message was in both Thai and English.

Chuwit replied to An in Chinese, saying he was sorry on behalf of all Thais and hoped Taiwanese people would forget about this incident and continue visiting Thailand.

“I believe you will still find Thailand an attractive destination,” Chuwit said in the response.

In an Instagram post recently, An alleged that she and her friends were victims of a police shakedown.

Her allegations made national headlines in Taiwan, much to the dismay of Thai tourism operators.

The 33-year-old actress said police stopped their Grab taxi at a checkpoint close to the Chinese Embassy on Ratchadaphisek Road at about 1am on January 5 and detained the group for two hours. She said police eventually released the group in return for a payment of 27,000 baht. The reason for the shakedown was a vaping device, that the actress said she did not own.

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