Thai consumers focused more on health and beauty


There is a visible change in consumer behaviour in Thailand over the past few years, with a greater focus on self-care, especially in terms of health and beauty, a study has said.

According to a Nielsen CMV study in 2022, 84 per cent of Thais purchase health and beauty products. In particular, purchases of vitamins and supplements have grown 229 per cent from 2019. There has also been a shift in how health and beauty products are purchased by consumers with a 292 per cent growth in online sales.

What is more, Thai consumers have beauty on the brain; 60% of them want to look younger and 44% want to have better skin. This is a golden opportunity for brands to target their products at a market where demand is high.

As consumer demand goes up, brands are pumping up advertising budgets to promote their products and campaigns according to Nielsen WizzAd+ solution, which collates ad spending and advertising information of various brands. It found that brands in the health and beauty sector spent more than 6.3 billion baht on advertising in 2022, making it one of the top industry spenders on advertising in Thailand.

Thai consumers focused more on health and beauty

In line with the trend of online shopping, brands are also increasing their advertising budget, especially in digital channels, Nielsen WizzAd+ found that the number of impressions or people who saw ads related to health and beauty on digital channels in August reached 632 million impressions, mostly from vitamins and supplements products and followed by the skincare products (UV/Whitening)

The health and beauty industry is highly competitive in advertising, with Nielsen WizzAd+ finding that in 2022 more than 1,300 health and beauty brands spent on digital advertising and producing over 36,000 digital media creatives with each brand using a different design strategy to attract different customers. 93% of digital ads were display ads, such as images or banners which is a medium that can generate engagement and reach consumers well and only 7% were video ads.

Thai consumers focused more on health and beauty

Nielsen WizzAd+ not only captures advertising information in digital channels but also in TV, radio, print (newspapers and magazines), cinema, and out-of-home across major, mid and minor categories. In addition to being able to see the advertising spending of various brands, Nielsen WizzAd+ can also view creative information including media plans of competitors giving insight into the what, when, where and how of competitor spending. This set of information will help to navigate a crowded media landscape with actionable insights to identify prospects, analyse brand strategies and learn from past advertising campaigns to plan for the next.