Millionaire licence plate snapped up for 8.54 million baht in Bangkok


The much-coveted “เศรษฐี 7” or Millionaire 7 licence plate fetched as much as 8.54 million baht at an auction of special plates with desired numbers and auspicious Thai words.

The Department of Land Transport (DLT) put 95 such plates under the hammer on Saturday at its headquarters in Bangkok’s Chatuchak district.

This is the third auction and results were published on the Road Safety Fund’s Facebook page.

Unlike ordinary licence plates, these special plates have a colourful background and can be transferred to others and used with different registered cars.

Apart from “เศรษฐี 7” (Millionaire 7), the plate “เฮง 888” (Lucky 888) fetched 5.84 million baht, while "โชค 9999" (Luck 9999) was snapped up for 5.01 million baht, DLT deputy director-general Seksom Akraphand said.

“This auction generated 194.16 million baht for the Road Safety Fund,” he said, adding that the other two auctions had won a total of 498.57 million baht.

He said the proceeds will be spent on promoting road safety and buying equipment for people disabled by road accidents.

For more information, visit or call Road Safety Fund at (02) 272 5937 or DLT at 1584 or (02) 271 8888.

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