Bangkok residents urged to check air safety levels as PM2.5 rises


Four Bangkok districts had air pollution levels above the safety level on Wednesday morning, according to the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration.

Thawi Watthana, Nong Khaem, Nong Chok, and Pathum Wan districts had hazardous levels of PM2.5, the administration’s Environment Department reported.

Measurements at air quality stations in the four districts found PM2.5 ranging from 30 to 53 micrograms (mcg) per cubic metre. PM2.5 refers to “particulate matter” (fine particles or droplets) in the air. The safety level is 50mcg. A number above this amount is considered hazardous.

The Environment Department warned Bangkok residents to monitor air quality from Friday evening and provided the following PM2.5 levels for Greater Bangkok:

  • North Bangkok - 36 to 49mcg per cubic metre
  • East Bangkok - 33 to 51mcg per cubic metre
  • Central Bangkok - 35 to 48mcg per cubic metre
  • South Bangkok - 34 to 51mcg per cubic metre
  • North Thonburi - 39 to 53mcg per cubic metre
  • South Thonburi - 36 to 53mcg per cubic metre